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    Absolutely no tracking nor ads
  • Open-souce
    Source code on GitHub
  • Customizable
    All features can be enabled or disabled
  • Dashboard filtering
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Enhanced Training log
  • Repeated segments
  • Separate notifications
  • Unit conversion tooltips
  • Links to external services
  • Improved activity upload
  • Improved pagination
  • and more & more & more & more
Source code on GitHub

Feedback, ideas, bug reports welcome

Install from Chrome Web Store

Firefox addon not available at the moment


All features are customizable in options


Submit forms with cmd/ctrl + Enter

Works on comments, editing activities, and uploading new activities.

Hide Social Sharing

Hide social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, email) from the Activity header
Hide "Share Your Runs" widget from the Dashboard.

Hide Premium badges

Hide Premium badges on user pictures. Subscriber status on an athlete's page is still shown.

Improve pagination

Add "first" and "last" links to paginated features.

Units conversion tooltips on hover

Show converted units when you hover your mouse over numbers.

Separated notifications by type

Separate notification types for kudos, comments, uploads, challenges, follows, and others

Enhance typography while typing (e.g. -> with )

Replace -- with , -> with , (L) with and so on…


Keyboard controls for navigation, giving kudos, and commenting

Enable keyboard controls on the dashboard:
J - Up (previous)
K - Down (next)
L - Kudos (like)
C - Comment
Enter - Go to activity (hold shift to open in a new tab/window)
E - Edit activity (hold shift to open in a new tab/window)
U - Go to athlete (hold shift to open in a new tab/window)

Hide Challenge feed entries

Hide Club feed entries

Hide Goal feed entries

Hide Route feed entries

Hide Promotion feed entries Fixed 2022-01-02

Hide Training plan feed entries

Hide turbo-trainer / virtual rides (e.g. Zwift) Fixed 2022-08-29

Hide short activities

Hide activities shorter than 20 minutes.

Enlarge on hover actions

Make various elements (photos, maps, avatars, etc.) larger when you hover over them.

Swap club & challenges

Swap the ordering of the "Clubs" and "Challenges" module on the dashboard.

Hide "Yearly Goals"

Hide the "Yearly Goals" module on the dashboard.

Hide "Upcoming"

Hide "Upcoming" module on the dashboard if you have no upcoming races, events or goals coming soon. Also hides the "Discover More" sub-module.

Show button to give Kudos to all

Show button in the header bar to give Kudos to all displayed activities


Repeated segments

Show aggregate segment data (fastest, slowest, average, total distance, total elevation, etc.) when segments are repeated within an activity.

External links

Show links to Veloviewer, Race Shape, KOM Club etc. on activity, segment detail and Challenge pages.

Show Running cadence by default

Show running cadence by default in elevation profile.

Show Running heart rate by default

Show running heart rate by default in elevation profile.

Show Running Grade Adjusted Pace (GAP) by default

Show running Grade Adjusted Pace (GAP) by default in elevation profile.

Show Variability Index by default

Calculate a Variability Index (VI) from the weighted average power and the average power, an indication of how "smooth" a ride was. A VI of 1.0 would mean perfect pacing. (Requires a power meter.)

Show Estimated FTP by default

Select "Show Estimated FTP" by default on Power Curve.

Show Running TSS by default

Estimates a run"s Training Stress Score from its Grade Adjusted Pace distribution.

Hide calories

Hide the number of calories burned on your own activity pages.

Show hidden efforts

When there are too many segments/efforts on a particular ride, Strava hides them behind a "Show X hidden efforts" button. Enabling this option shows these efforts by default.

Sort starred segments first

Show 'starred' segments at the top of lists instead of in their geographical order.

Chart controls colors

Add colors to chart legend

Shortcuts on Activity page

Allow editing own activity by clicking on it's title or pressing `e` key

Improved UX on Activity editing page

Autofocus title field; disable autocomplete.


My Activities: Expand latest activity on page load

When opening My Activities, expand latest activity for editing automatically.

Training Log: Enhanced Overview

Show stats for all sports in the overview section in Training Log


Improve UX on Search

Remember search values in URL


Compare running

Changes the default sport for the "Side by Side comparison" module to running.


Improve activity upload

Add the ability to automatically "Save & View", and increase the size of the description boxes to the manual "Upload and Sync Your Activities" manual upload page,

Improve UX on Manual Upload

Allow pre-filling params from URL


Show same-activity Flybys only

Show same-activity Flybys only (runs or rides) in the Flyby viewer.